Living spaces

– A flat is situated in Cracow on the 3rd floor of apartment house. It is quite small – just 40 square meters in size – and there are three rooms: bedroom, bathroom and the living room with kitchenette. Accordingly the space is very functional with light colors and simple lines. The base of this project are monochromatic colors and the wood which is fill with the colors: blue, green, yellow. Original furniture and lamps guest`s attention.
Photography is by: Przemek Kuciński.

– Living room and the kitchenette

– Podłęże , 81 m².

– Nowa Huta, 40 m².

– Cracow, 50 m².

– Cracow-kitchen.

– Cracow, ground floor.

Public interiors

– Poddębice, 1000 m².