The company was set up by M. Ar. Dominika Stolarzewicz in Cracow. The owner of the office received her degree in architecture from the Cracow University of Technology and The University Collage Vitus Bering / Denmark ( Faculty: Constructing Architect ).

DiA Sp. z o.o. is a design firm with a focus on architecture and interior design.

  • Architecture

We carry out individual projects. Our services include housing architecture, residence, office buildings, commercial buildings and industry buildings . We conduct all formal and legal matters during the investment process. We offer author and investor supervision over the construction investment.

  • Interior design

Our activities focus on the design of private interiors and public interiors projects such as shops, restaurants, offices, etc. We provide comprehensive supervision over the course of work along with the purchase of equipment.

  • Furniture

Interior designs are ready to complement the original furniture that we design, and often we also perform specially for our customers.